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I would just shorten the title to'Tired of waiting to play the damn game?' Seriously, after enjoying years of this'Got Next dance' in Park, I thought it was absolutely incredible that me and my buddies were getting game after game after game in ProAm 3v3. Yeah the contest is a bit stiffer, but you can just play back to back to back nba2king, regardless of whether you win or lose.I think Pro Am 3v3 should use something simar to the 99 system instead of matchmaking, which might help folks in there becoming even more matches (because apparently it is difficult after ace bronze). Everyone plays with everyone. You get a team performance grade, that is similar to your"overall performance" and teams constantly fluctuate up and down. Think that would really show what teams are around.

Though since they like how it looks, people still care for rep. You need rewards for folks to play every match its a video game after all.I enjoy playing with it also for the reasons you mentioned BUT the shadows and the constant camera motion make it really annoying to seem at.There still ought to be a boost the rep you make in 3v3 pro am to incentivize people to play it. Not as much as it was at start of year but halfway between then and now would be great.No point in playing ace am right now when you get less rep than in park.

Having arguments with some boys lately. Is being a center in 2k? Does a centre that is being take no skill? Not that it takes no skill, but a group can be literally ruined by a PG that is lousy. A group can be hindered by A centre that is shitty, but it is still possible to acquire. IMO, a PG is only more difficult to play in comparison to some center. That is coming from somebody with centre assembles and multiple shield. It's why I give mad props in pro am.

A lot is that requires skill as a centre. However, there are a ton of people who will grab 15 defensive planks that were gimmes and pretend that makes them good. I perform a SF/PF tweener and get put at the 4 a lot since it's an unpopular position. It's wild how often centers talk shit since they snagged double digit uncontested rebounds and say I am not doing anything because I"just" have like 9, even though 7 of them were offensive rebounds and that I spent the entire game boxing out because of their dumb ass on D.

I believe a Center might be the most important participant behind a PG. I think a C is much more forgiving of a situation but to be a good C is highly dependent on IQ and items that dont appear on the stat sheet . On defense, as soon as a centre knows how to help on D and then lock down the inside, this can alter the entire match in which the Offense includes a lot less to use. Also one the most important things is playing pick and roll D. Its usually the more on the big because the pick and roll by character forces a switch. A C must know when to reveal, hedge, get back on the roller at the right time. Stats wise I think that it might look easy because you are likely to grab 15 rebs easy especially when the PF is a little guard type player.

Playing centre takes plenty of ability based on which type of centre you are. Actual rebounder less than the others but you still need some type of IQ as a center especially if you're working using a slasher PG. If a number of my buddies who had been brand new to NBA 2K20 MT asked me build he must create. Id make him move shooting glock since it's one of the simpler builds that additionally mashes together with my playstyle. I could not find any of my buddies playing with anything or PG remotely.

Just thought I'd share my idea for a playlist to get NBA 2K21, not that it'd ever be used naturally (and it's still some time off ofc). But wondered what other people thought of it, and also the idea of getting some fan input. My thoughts behind it would be that the game would have some sort of dedication to Kobe, I'd be surprised if not, even though might understand the thoughts behind not doing this e.g. profiting from him . Therefore one of those tunes could also be utilized as one of those classic intro movies devoted to hima throwback to when sports matches still had video intros at the beginning.

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